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Food processing machinery equipment for sale

Mixers & blenders

The following items are currently available for sale...

B001 Electric ingredient grinder
B002 Santos juicer Type PCL 180w 240v 1.2A
B003 Hobart whisks various sizes
B004 Hand held whisks various sizes
B005 Hobart mixer
B006 Hobart mixer
B008 Gardner Babcock 400ltr ribbon blender
B009 Sancassiano "figure-8" mixer with 2 bowls
B010 Hobart 20 Qt bench mixer
B011 Hobart mixer
B012 Crabtree mixer
B013 Diaosna mixer
B014 Ice cream mixer
B015 Mono Tilting dough mixer
B016 Kemper mixer Type SP125L
B017 Kemper mixer Type SP125L
B018 Kemper Mixer Type SPL
B019 Mondomix skid mounted aerator complete with two pressure vessels and pumps
B021 TEKNO-ICE Ice cream machine freezer
B022 Croft engineers heated tipping bowl with agitation input sp 1406 output sp 49
B023 Kemper mixer
B024 Kemper mixer type S.P.A. fabric no 679215 (in need of repair)
B025 Legro-Tonnaer mixer type T.N.200
B026 Gilbert mixer mach-no MA1767
B027 Gilbert mixer mach-no MA1963
B028 Millers SM300 mixer with st/steel bowl
B029 APV uniplex mixer
B030 Millers SM300 mixer with st/steel bowl
B031 APV uniplex mixer
B032 OPM 80 spiral mixer
B033 Artofex dough mixer with 2 mobile st/steel bowls fully guarded
B034 Kemper mixers x 4 type ST 75 A no 6724862 year 95
B035 Mondomix UB25 aerator
B036 Mondomix UB25 aerator complete with st/steel holding tank and pump unit
B037 Mondomix A15 continuous aerator
B038 Mondomix topos 1787 dough mixer on rise & fall platform
B039 Mondomix topos dough mixer mod 1787-4 with food pump discharge
B040 Mondomix UB25 creaming machine
B044 VMI fixed bowl mixer model SP/280E
B44A VMI SP11260AM spiral mixer
B047 Gardner Kemutec three arm paddle mixer/blender 200ltr
B048 Shaffer eagle sigma arm blade st/steel 1000ltr mixer
B050 Cheesecake production equipment type 62-1-00 year 5/1996
B051 Crypto Sigma arm blade mixer 1000ltr st/steel front end discharge open frame mixers features direct drive, st/steel tubular frame and ast/steel product zone #304 st/steel bowl, canopy, agitator, agitator shaft & coolant jacket
B130 Collette SM300 dough mixer
B143 OASE SPK150 spiral mixer
B143a OASE SPK150 spiral mixer
B160 Mondomix Type VE 50 creaming machine
B171 A.P.V. pulvermixer MK year 1996
B405 St/steel twin bladed paddle blender 400ltr capacity
B2048 Sasib continuous aerator
B2049 Sasib continuous aerator
B2054 Oase (Peeters) bottom feed mixer type SPK 150 AE/S
B2055 Oase (Peeters) bottom feed mixer type SPK 150 AE/S
B2056 Portable Cowie & Riding continuous mixer-aerator with holding tank, pump missing CR10/486/MK4/2
B2057 Cowie & Riding continuous mixer-aerator, model CR14/879/MK4/1
B2058 Cowie & Riding continuous mixer-aerator, model CR10/880/MK4/2
B2059 Oakes continuous mixer-aerator OE/F579 H756 OE/F578
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