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Food processing machinery equipment for sale

Dividers, sheeters & extruders

The following items are currently available for sale...

C001 John Hunt Pie Machine
C002 John Hunt Pie Machine
C003 Seewer Rhondo Model No SS064
C004 Camwheat pie machine
C005 Camwheat pie machine universal
C006 Deighton Manufacturing Former Model Formatic R2200
C007 Kemper dough extruder
C008 Rademaker BV biscuit production line
C009 CIM Croissant line
C010 Konig Rex-Automat 6 Pocket Roll Plant
C011 Benier Divider
C012 Benier Conical Moulder
C014 Kemper dough extractor type T consul
C015 2 section roll plant
C016 W.P. tewimat L roll plant type T.W.L fabric no 258291
C017 Formatic biscuit extruder, model retail formatic
C019 Rondo seewer no details with mounted flour duster, model no ZM 5800
C020 Rondo seewer model no SFM 869A with mounted flour duster model no ZM5800
C021 Sheeter model 75090 year 1984
C022 Kemper consul-et moulder model no 680139 year 2/2001
C024 St/steel divider
C025 Brevettato universal moulder model S.V 200
C026 Rondo seewer type AUT 604 S
C027 Fred Johnson savoury pie line comprising of blocker, sheeter and crimper complete with tooling for 4 ounce pies
C028 Rondo seewer mod-no PRB 420v 3 phase
C48 Seewer Rondo, DEREK S.R.L., Model 2500, Machine No 18, 415V, 50Hz, 1.6KW
C050 Rondo Seewer 2kwa 607a
C056 Holtzheim moulder
C057 Top feed sheeter on neoprene conveyor A038
C058 Top feed sheeter
C059 Root divider equipment process plant
C61 Rondo Sewer Type Aut 604 S Model 8 Serial No 588000 Machine No 025
C62 Benier B80-12 Divider
C63 Rondo sewer AG Model Gm
C64 Cookie extruder hand operated
C65 Camwheat heated hand operated pie machine
C066 Dough moulder
C68 Hand latticer 450mm x 450mm
C69 Hand operated heated pie machine model Handamatic
C70 Hand latticer 400mm x 400mm
C71 Hand held Pastry/Dough moulders various sizes
C72 Konig five finger 4x3 roll plant
C73 Kemper five piece dough line
C74 Oddy Novatek 428 six pocket roll machine
C75 Oddy Novatek 428 six pocket roll machine
C076 Fritsch sheeter
C077 Pinning belt conveyor
C078 Kemper dough moulder type RH1200
C201A Chocoma type 2 chocolate enrober
C447 Crypto Peerless hand operated heated pie machine Model No Handmatic, 240v single phase 50Hz
C448 Peerless hand operated heated pie machine Model No Handmatic, 240v 50Hz single phase
C421 Wright Pugson cheese cutter
C421A Pizza press platens on trolley
C2040 Conical dough moulder
C2053 Pinning belt
C2056 Rijkaart dough sheeter
C2057 Sheeter
C2053 Pinning belt
C2059 Stainless steel belt with spraying unit 1800mm x 600mm
C2060 Stainless steel sheeter (Rademaker)
C2061 Stainless steel sheeter
C2062 Stainless steel sheeter (Tweedy)
C2065 Stainless steel sheeter
C2067 Stainless steel belt with spraying unit 2100mm x 600mm
C2078 Dough moulder
C2088 Winkler dough moulder fab no 48168 year 1996
C2089 Sheeter
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