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Food processing machinery equipment for sale

Racks, trays, baskets & tins

The following items are currently available for sale...

K01 White tray, W270-335mm x L435-500mm, 918 available
K02 Blue trolley, W600mm x L750mm, 34 available
K03 Mild steel basket trolley, W500mm x L740mm, 150 available
K04 Mild steel basket trolley, W610mm x L780mm, 20 available
K05 Grey plastic basket trolley, W600mm x L60mm, 28 available
K06 French loaf tray 5 pocket, W460mm x L760mm, 702 available
K07 French loaf tray, 5 pocket W465mm x L765mm, 74 available
K08 French loaf tray, 7 pocket W510mm x L710mm, 230 available
K09 Aluminium pizza disc, Dia 250mm, 20mm deep, 2770 available
K10 Blue Tub, L60cm x W40cm x D23cm, 240 available
K11 Blue Tray, L69cm x W44cm x D15cm, 66 available
K12 Blue Basket, L59.5cm x W40cm x D39cm, 60 available
K13 Red and Blue Tray, L74cm x W56cm x D17cm, 170 available
K14 Red Basket, L74.5cm x W44.5cm x D15cm, 105 available
K15 Red Tray, L68cm x W55.5cm x D12cm, 470 available
K16 Black Tub, L60cm x W39.5cm x D30.5cm, 540 available
K17 Coffee Basket, L59.5cm x W40cm x D39cm, 320 available
K18 White Tray, L76cm x W45.5cm x D11cm, 140 available
K19 Teflon coated pizza disc, Dia 255mm, 20mm deep, 3390 available
K20 Teflon coated pizza disc, Dia 315mm, 20mm deep, 350 available
K21 Ainsleys bread, cake and confectionary distribution boards (brown), W460mm x L735mm x D190mm, 2300 available
K22 Table top 12 tray rack ST/ST. W 1670mm D 600mm H 870mm. To accept trays760mmx500mm. 3 available
K23 ST/ST meshed mobile cage. 10 available
K24 ST/ST box section mobile cage. 7 available
K25 Ainsleys blue bread basket 700mm x 510mm x 170mm. 780 available
K92 Stainless steel bakers trolley, 740mm x 460mm, sold in fives
K93 Galvanisedl bakers trolley, 740mm x 460mm, sold in tens
K94 Portable stainless steel perforated trolley, 15 available
K95 Portable stainless steel trolley, 8 available
K96 Bread trays, 760mm x 600mm, approx 30 per dolly, 70 available
K97 Dynoplast plastic tub, 35 tubs per pallet, 26 pallets available
K98 Pallet of wire baskets, 750mm x 450mm x 110mm, 45 tray per pallet, 55 pallets available
K99 Plastic bread trays, 750mm x 450mm x 100mm, 45 tray per pallet, 35 pallets available
K100 11 x Armagard Stainless steel Monitor cabinets on stands
K101 3 x Stainless steel Monitor cabinets on stands
K102 6 x Stainless steel Wall mounting monitor cabinets
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