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Food processing machinery equipment for sale

Canteen, Staff Facilities and Catering Equipment

The following items are currently available for sale...

M001 Cling film holders x 2
M002 Cling film holder - brand new in box
M003 White cheese wire cutting item
M004 Panasonic microwave
M005 Portable gas cooker
M006 Fire suppression system
M007 Moorland grill
M008 Table with built in can opener
M009 Lincat deep fat fryer
M010 Parry deep fat fryer
M011 Ratina oven
M012 Chopping boards
M013 Chest freezer
M014 Medium freezer
M015 Large freezer
M016 Hobart dish washer
M017 Till
M018 Cold cabinet
M019 Water boiler
M020 Warming cabinet
M021 Warming cabinet
M022 Fridge
M023 TV and Sky box
M024 Safe
M025 Shelves
M026 Shelves
M027 Cutlery trolley
M028 Trolley dolly
M029 Silver serving trays
M030 Various hot/cold water thermos flasks
M031 60 large plates, good condition & clean
M032 60 forks, good condition & clean
M033 60 knives, good condition & clean
M034 60 spoons, good condition & clean
M035 40 mugs, good condition & clean
M036 60 small plates, good condition & clean
M037 60 small bowls, good condition & clean
M038 10 water jugs, good condition & clean
M039 10 steel food trays, good condition & clean
M040 15 vinegar bottles
M041 Vending cups in boxes, brand new, approx 3,100 in plastic sleeves
M042 White mugs, brand new, in box - 36
M043 4fl oz sapphire pots and lid, brand new, approx 1,400
M044 Paper towels, brand new, 29 packs of 40
M045 Cling film wrap, brand new, 2 large rolls
M046 Foil, brand new, 1 large roll
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